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Suite #1

"What do a lutherie and an electronics club have in common?

When Nacho Román enters Pablo Sanz's “operating room,” the piece takes a turn. He, who came with preconceived ideas about the finesse of classical music, is confronted with the physicality and hardness of a workshop. He is hypnotized by the swing of the brush, which falls just in time. Which takes you into the night. Following his instinct as a documentary filmmaker, his desire to translate feelings that do not fit into rational Morse language, he allows himself to be carried away by the environment while he records the work with gouges and ropes and braids it with the base of the brushing, like a traditional, contrasting suite. Each strand is worked here as when wool is carded. Track by track, the recorded frequencies are stretched or contracted: tuning them, duplicating them and separating them into tracks to make them dialogue, with each other and with their own echoes, creating a fluffy and powerful plot.

Velvety. Liquid and organic, but at the same time measured and technological, in which a collective cadence fits the individual gears with their tempos. The vibrations - rooted in the same inescapable frequency - feel like a wave, inviting us to integrate with something greater and unknown. They connect the ancestral and the now via the timelessness of the collective unconscious, on a journey from the manual processes of the creation and repair of classical and analog instruments of lutherie, to the abstract, synthetic and experimental music of techno."

Text: Elena Finat
Photos: V ictor Hugo Martín Caballero and Sara González

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