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Nacho Roman (Valladolid, 1976)


His artistic activity is developed in the field of sound art, experimental electronics, field recordings and ambient music. His sound is centred on the sound palette created through the union of organic and synthetic elements, and the mix between analogue and digital material.  His work is linked to the creative processes in the plastic arts and the connection with sound art, as well as the study of the concept of time and silence and its translation into sound and experimental music.


He is a founding member of the Néxodos Contemporary Art Collective, where he coordinates the experimental music label Vestíbulo,   from which he has published seven references to date.


His music has been featured on specialized programs on RNE3 (Fluido Rosa, Atmósfera, Resonancias), Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Juan March Foundation, Audiotalaia or international radio stations such as KEXP.


In 2021 he has been awarded the International Award " Radical dB " for experimental and risky music, in the city of Zaragoza.


  • 2024 - Silere, Tacere

Patio Herreriano Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art. Valladolid.

  • 2024 - Suite#1

Lutheria Pablo Sanz. Valladolid

  • 2023 - Hyper_urban tension

TedXValladolid Salón. Valladolid

  • 2023 - Fuera de lugar

Sala de exposiciones Las Francesas. Valladolid​

  • 2022 - A Natural Walk.

Ribera del Río Pisuerga. Valladolid

  • 2022 - Caligrafías

San Román de Candamo, Asturias. III Encuentro Néxodos

  • 2022 - Microescuchas. Campos electromagnéticos

Studio Hijo. Valladolid

  • 2021 – Luz

Patio Herreriano Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art. Valladolid.


  • 2021 - Re_hacer - Contemporary creation and pottery.

"The Potter's Workshop". Portillo, Valladolid.


  • 2020 - Secuencias

 Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (FCAYC), Cerezales del Condado, León.


  • 2017 - Nexodo infinito

San Roman de Candamo, Asturias.


  • 2017 - Infinito

Cerro Gallinero Art and Nature Center. Hoyocasero, Avila.


  • 2014 - Enneagram

Herrerian Courtyard. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art. Valladolid.



  • Gris Tierra (2021, El Muelle)

  • Alouette (2019, Vestíbulo)

  • Infinito (2017, Seattle Dott)

  • La Frecuencia Plástica (2016, Sonospace)

  • Sick System (2015, 7MNS)

  • The gift (2014, 7MNS)

  • After all… (2013, Etched Traumas)

  • The Synesthesic Project (2012, Petroglyph Music)

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