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"Caligrafías". Original track

Sound art installation in "Hórreo" (traditional warehouse), San Román de Candamo (Asturias)

Almost automatically, the paths and routes we take every day form our writing in the world and our graphology in the space we inhabit. Unique calligraphies also need to be heard to be present. According to sound artist Jio Shimizu: "It is only through the individual sounds existing in space that space itself is perceived." 


We are visual beings, and we centralise our perception of the environment primarily visually, but this has not always been the case. Sound has channelled all the transfer of knowledge, culture, and stories for many previous generations.  


"Calligraphies" is a sound piece that includes multiple sound environments, audible landscapes with which we live and live and that, although they surround us and are even invaded, in most cases, go unnoticed. For the elaboration of the piece, I have counted on the collaboration of 11 people who have contributed with their recordings made during the journey of paths that they usually carry out in their day-to-day: from home to work, to the place of studies, regular daily walks... Definitively, the "calligraphies" of all the people who have collaborated with the project.


This piece would not exist without these collaborations: Javier Prieto (Valladolid), Leticia López (Monte Naranco and Oviedo), Verónica Vázquez (from Las Canales to El Valle), Kamen Nedev (Valencia), Tino Menéndez (Oviedo), Jose Lucas Reguilón ( Candamín), Raúl Burrueco (Seville), Fran López (La Cistérniga, Valladolid), Gerardo López (San Román and Madrid), Juan Carlos Andrés (Ratón) (Oviedo) and Carmen García (Las Canales).


The project is part of "Recorrer", the 3rd edition of Meetings of Contemporary Creation and rural environment of San Román de Candamo (Asturias), organised by the Néxodos collective.

Caligrafías live quadraphonic performance - El Valle de Candamo (Asturias)

Map of recordings 

Original recordings 

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