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Two words

"Two words", 2024.
Sound piece 4'33''
Video: 2'52''
Museo_Patio_Herreriano - From May 3 to July 14, 2024.
“Possessed, evolving, alive, collaborative, different, marketing, daring, relegated, deconstructed, contemporary, diverse, darkglow, unaltered, fascinating, precarious, lucid.”
"In Two Words Nacho Román proposes a reflection on the spatial and temporal perspective in contemporary creation, from an attitude of deep listening.
The previous starting point is a work articulated with the voices of eight artists from two generations who have been asked to define the present and their desire for the future of art, using a single term in each case.
This contained choral sequence serves as material to replicate the experiment carried out in 1969 by Alvin Lucier in his famous I am sitting in a room. In a session held in the Museum itself, the piece is played and the sound emitted is simultaneously recorded. With the result obtained, the operation is repeated consecutively, in such a way that the original deteriorates until it is reduced to a thread that represents the fundamental resonant frequency of the space where the recording is made. Finally, already in the exhibition, several audio monitors activate the complete cycle."

Text: José Ignacio Gil.
Participating artists: Alejandro Martinez_Parra, Ana Pérez Pereda, Bettina Geisselmann, C
arlos Sanz Aldea, Cristina R. Vecino, Erik Urano, Gonzalo de_Miguel and Mayte Santamaria.
Sound production: Cobos Sound.
Video: Ricardo Suárez.
Photos: Victor Hugo Martín Caballero.

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