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Hyper urban Tension

"Urban Hyper_Tension" seeks to put the spotlight on noise pollution and its negative effects on our daily lives. By exaggerating and transforming urban sounds, it raises the importance of protecting our auditory environments and encouraging actions that promote a healthier sound environment. On the other hand, the work invites us to reflect on the relationship between human beings and the urban environment. Through the transformation of noise into abstract soundscapes, we can begin to question our perception of the city and explore the beauty hidden amidst the chaos of sound.

For "Hyper_Urban_Tension", field recordings from various cities have been used as a fundamental sound source to create an sonic experience that invites reflection on noise pollution and its consequences. Through sound manipulation and processing techniques, urban noises will be transformed into surreal and evocative soundscapes.

The piece is a commission for TedXSalón Valladolid "Nuevas miradas al cambio climático", realised in July 2023.

Acknowledgements to the people who have collaborated with field recordings:
- Alejandro Martínez Parra - Valladolid (Spain)
- Estela Vela - Madrid (Spain)
- Jose Ignacio Gil - Valladolid / Simancas (Spain)
- Sara González - Valladolid (Spain)
- Susana Corrales - Madrid (Spain)

The piece is completed with field recordings taken in Cairo (Egypt) in June 2023.

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