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Quimera - Contemporary dance

Messages of interest in the dreamer's life...

Everything in daily life that leads you to emotion will resurface as a natural feeling, even if it is expressed UNREAL. What is behind those dreamlike images? What is behind those meaningless stories with sensations that leave us more intrigued? They talk to us about cover-ups about ourselves. Although, we are not ready to listen to them.

“Quimera,” tells us about dreams and their message as something as confusing as it is mysterious. They are related to present or past experiences and allow us to see parts of ourselves that we consciously ignore. That subconscious deceives us so many times and hesitates without knowing if we are asleep or not...

Director: Lorena Zaratain

Dancers: Lorena Zaratain and Silvia Ondo

Music and sound design: Nacho Román

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